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LiveSkies worldwide astronomy broadcast site, is proud to announce the addition of a new section for Schools, Colleges, Universities and Astronomy Societies. This new section will allow these institutions to privately broadcast their astronomical content and live observation to students and club members. The broadcaster will be able to select who has access to the content of the broadcast. In this way, professors can demonstrate to their students the topics being discussed in the classroom and students can participate in the broadcasts as part of homework assignments.

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LiveSkies is for professional and amateur astronomers who like to share the wonders of our night time skies. Here you will see members from all parts of the globe broadcasting the night skies from their observatories, backyards, and just about any other place where they can set up a telescope. Each one has a unique set up and perspective on the night sky. Some will have black and white video cameras while others will use color video cameras. Each will be unique and each will show you a different way to view deep space objects and planets. Questions are always welcome.